Reeta Piazza- Hollywood Improv
Adam Ginivisian- ICM
Ed Ballach- APA
Sara Goldberg- Disney
Jame Flam- Hollywood Improv
Paige Schaffer- Hollywood Improv
Kate West- Levity Live
Fred Farris- Aligned Entertainment
Charlie Sotello- South By Southwest Comedy
Mark Schroggs- DSA
Brian Baldinger- Talent Casting
Sean Mccarthy- ComicsComic.com
Abbey Robertson- Apostle Entertainment
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Brian Stollery- Brian Stollery began his entertainment career as an actor. He trained at the prestigious National Theatre School in Montreal and once performed the classic works of William Shakespeare. Today, he tells jokes for a living.

Bryan Miller- Bryan Miller, born into a family of undertakers, renounced all seriousness and quit his job as a newspaper editor to pursue comedy in 2008. In his first year in standup, he was a finalist in Acme’s?Funniest Person in the Twin Cities contest, and he’s since gone on to? play clubs, colleges, corporates, and dive-bars throughout the? Midwest.

Byron Bowers- Byron Bowers was born and raised in a lower-middle class neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. But here’s where it gets funny: The Atlanta School Board saw fit to bus him into the more affluent, whiter suburbs for his schooling. Thus began an inadvertent social experiment that bore comedic fruit.

Chad Korb- Chad is relatively young in the game, but he is hungry to perform and entertain. He performs across the country at clubs and colleges with a high-energy act. As a teenager, he stole jokes from every comic on television. Now, he writes his own material.

Craig Hensel- Craig Hensel is an Attorney who has worked for an Attorney’s Office for 16 years. Craig is a lifelong fan of comedy, and has been doing stand-up on an amateur basis for about a year and a half.

Dan Paul Schafer- Dan Paul is a compulsive writer who often has his original plays produced by Venture Theatre and in 2002 won the Writers Voice award at the Venture Theatre One-Act Play Festival. He also is a member of the stand-up comedy group The B-Town 4 and performs stand-up all around Montana.

Ed Hill- This is a story about me. When I was 10, I flew from Taipei to Vancouver, under the impression that I was on vacation. 18 years later, I’m still on vacation. During my time in North America, I have made numerous friends, ate many wrong things, and spent countless hours on the toilet. Luckily, I have also appeared on Bite TV, have been heard on XM Radio, and I have been very fortunate to appear at numerous comedy festivals telling my tale.

Grant Cotter- Originally from London, England by way of San Diego and Catalina Island, Grant Cotter is a Stand-up Comedian, Improvisor, Host and Writer. Since the start of his career Grant has won multiple awards and contests such as The Irvine Improv’s Funniest Comedian in Orange County, Bill Word’s Ultimate Laff-Down, Funniest Comic in Anaheim and he is a 3 time winner of The Laugh Factory’s Fresh Faces contest.

Halli Borgjford- Halli Borgfjord grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan where he started stand-up at a young age. Due to his relentless study and passion for comedy Halli was a natural on stage.Halli now resides in Los Angeles, CA and is a crowd favorite all across the country. Halli has appeared on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Radio Show and his standup can be heard all over XM Satellite Radio.

Jay Hollingsworth- “Big Irish” Jay Hollingsworth started his stand-up career in Boston, MA where he was recently named “Best Comedy Export” by the readers of the Boston Examiner. Since leaving Massachusetts, Jay has starred in the movie Comics BBQ and has been a finalist in multiple comedy competitions including the Bay Area Black Comedy Competition, The Shades of Laughs Comedy Competition, Magners USA Comedy Festival and the Bend International Comedy Competition.

Jer D- Jer D. came onto the comedy scene a little over a yr and a half ago. He also placed in the top 5 at the 2011 Montana Comedy Competition just a couple month’s after 1st stepping onstage. Jer D. Bring’s his own life, thought’s, & experinces to the stage in a new, fresh, crisp, & funny perspective. He’s an act to be watched and not missed.

Rome Gall- Its Romes laugh out loud clean hilarious style and quick wit that keeps audiences craving for more. In addition to being a favorite at many Comedy Clubs & Colleges throughout the country, Rome has appeared on the second season of NBCS Last Comic Standing, MTV, MTV2, Showtime at the Apollo and was recently nominated and won Best Supporting Actor in the Network One Act Festival

Jon Huck- Jon Huck is an Actor and a Comedian. Jon’s humor can best be described as honest, observational and self deprecating. His stand up combines the truth about his vices, his friends, his physical and social short comings and his hair. His material ranges from TV friendly to wildly inappropriate.

Kellen Erskine- Kellen Erskine was featured on season 7 of NBC’s America’s Got Talent. He is a past finalist of the San Francisco International Comedy Competition. Kellen recently returned from the Great American Comedy Festival held in Johnny Carson’s hometown of Norfolk, Nebraska. Reader’s Digest featured Kellen in their September 2010 issue, in an article titled “Comics You Haven’t Heard of. . . Yet.”

Lisa Corrao- Lisa Corrao never considered being called a SMART-ASS an insult. Ever since kindergarten, she has wanted to make fun of stuff professionally. Now, all grown up and having left her lucrative career as a public school teacher. Recently, Lisa has performed in Comedy Central’s South Beach Comedy Festival, the Women in Comedy Festival, and The Boston Comedy Festival.

Luke Francis- This Glasgow, Scotland native arrived in the U.S. in 2005, and has been performing all over the country. His stand up comedy is second to none. He is one of the most personable entertainers in the industry today leaving the audience feeling like they have known Luke forever. To add to this, Luke plays over 15 instruments and has one of the best crowd interaction acts in the history of stand up comedy.

Maria Shehata- An Egyptian-American Comedian and Actress born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Maria Shehata’s unlikely blend of mid east and mid west gives her a point of view that is hilarious, and unique while maintaining a distinct universality. Maria’s stand up has been seen on Comedy Central’s The Watch List, Just Like Us: The Movie, and Showtime’s Bridging the Gap.

Mark Dawson- Mark Dawson made his first attempt at comedy at age 4 in 1972; his mother slapped him in the face and sent him to his room. He attempted to kickstart his career during grade school, only to be kept in from recess. In high school, his humor was well-received by the masses and poorly by the authorities, resulting in detentions and eventually In-School Suspension.

Mike Cummings- Mike Cummings has spent years entrenched in comedy: breathing, sleeping, eating, and crapping stage time; even living above a comedy club for two years. All that work has paid off. He is a funny, well-respected Seattle comedian, and a winner of the Giggles Laff Off.

Nick Capetanakis- Nick Capetanakis has made a lot of comedy over the years. He’s written and produced 2 films including So, You’ve Downloaded a Demon (available on Netflix), an anthology of his daily comic strip, America Jr, was published by Image Comics and he has toured the country as part of the comedy group.

Peter Oldenburg- Comedian Pete Oldendurg uses his perspective of being an Asian-American raised in Billings, Montana to bring the laughs.

eza Peky- The art of stand up comedy has officially been a part of my life since 2003. As a kid I was always intrigued by the jokers. As an adult I agree with the kid! Comedy has allowed me to travel and expand my horizon.

Rodger Lizaola- Rodger Lizaola has been delighting for the years with his razor sharp wit, powerful stage presence, and his uncanny ability to say out loud what you are thinking! Weaving his ability to ad-lib and improve with tales from his childhood, life, loves, and the pursuit of that almighty dollar! He breaks down barriers and takes no prisoners, as his in your face style will have you rolling with laughter, and has you begging for more!

Todd Johnson- To most people, growing up in Idaho isn’t a life changing experience (well duh). But that is where Todd Johnson’s comedy got its start (I thought it was at crispy creme). At a very young age, Todd learned to laugh at himself (everyone did), as well as those around him. During the early years of school, Todd was very quiet and chose to practice his comedy on cows, sheep, and other barnyard animals (I’m not going to even comment).

Vic Alenjardo- Vic Alejandro is a Comedian/Actor based in Denver, Colorado. Vic has appeared on HBO, “The Ellen Degeneres Show” and is published in the book “The Complete Idiots Guide to Jokes”. Vic is a regular at the Comedy Works in downtown Denver working with the best touring comedians and TV personalities in the country.