About: The Big Sky Comedy Festival

The Big Sky Comedy Festival is a 4 day event where select comedians from all over the U.S and Canada come to Billings, Montana to perform for a cash prize and a chance to be seen in front of agents, managers, producers, club owners and casting directors.

Dates of Importance:

June 3rd — Submissions Begin
Aug 10th — Submissions Close
Oct 11th — Festival Begins
Oct 15th — Finals at Babcock Theater

How it Works

The comedians are broken into 2 Teams at random, (Team Seely and Team Auggie), each Team will perform at two different venues on Nights 1, 2, & 3.

Each comedian in both Teams will be scored and ranked 1-10 each show. After the first two nights the Top 4 from each Team will be selected and then move onto the finals on Saturday, Oct. 15th at The Historic Babcock Theater in downtown Billings,MT. That night a comedian will be crowned the Winner of The Big Sky Comedy Festival.

*Real Time Audience “Text Into Vote”* at each show

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